VIA LUCIS 1989 - 2009

The exhibition was installed in the National Museum of Photography in Jindřichův Hradec, and also in Bratislava and Brussels, in conjunction with the Czech presidency of the European Union.

VIA LUCIS 1989 – 2009 was one of the many fringe cultural events held during the Czech EU presidency.

This exhibition of photographs was inspired by the book of the same name (translated “The Way of Light” - by Jan Amos Komenský (Comenius). It is a story about the everlasting battle between light and darkness, describing the paths along which light proceeds, the paths of reason and knowledge. Composed of light and shade, the exhibition presented an account of the image of Czech society from 1989-2009. The project was based on a photographic competition in which 120 photographers of different ages, ethnic backgrounds and nationalities took part and 1500 photographs competed. The aim of the competition was to gather photographs which could be used for creating a factual and emotional mosaic documenting the state of Czech society in the past twenty years, a modest reflection of its identity on the uneasy way towards a democratic arrangement of life in the Czech Republic. Createam was the author of the central idea and the consistent visual style, of the texts, accompanying materials, the concepts of marketing communication and partnership, and co-author of the concept of the photographic competition. The exhibition was a demanding, comprehensive and integrated project, implemented in close cooperation with the Museum management, Mr. Milan Paulík, PhD, and a number of consultants headed by Professor Miroslav Vojtěchovský.