Permanent exhibiton in the building of the Czech National Bank in Prague presenting the development of the monetary and financial systems in the Czech Lands, from the first Celtic coins to the electronic money of the present, by means of unique exhibits and audio-visual programmes. The 65 display cases include a special one containing a whole tonne of pure gold. Also on view are examples of counterfeit money and of methods of protecting money. The interactive and multimedia communication tools employed offer an unusual view of the function of money in society.

Contrary to the CNB´s original intention of setting up a display of coins and banknotes, Createam came up with the idea of presenting the development of Czech currency against the background of the progress of human civilization, with a special focus on the present territory of the Czech Republic. This decision proved to be correct. The exhibition attracted the interest and won the praise of lay visitors as well as financial experts. Its popularity was confirmed by congratulations from the National Bank Governors of a number of countries. The cooperation of the CNB expert team headed by Professor František Venclovský was of enormous benefit.

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