Createam is a grouping of top-ranking creative experts in marketing communications. It focuses on strategic visual solutions in communication marketing and their implementation. It entered the market at the end of 1998, and since then has created and brought to fruition a series of projects for important clients.
Recently, Createam’s chief activities have included the design and implementation of exhibitions, in particular permanent exhibitions on themes such as “People and Money” in the Czech National Bank in Prague and the “Exposition of Time” in Šternberk. All reflect the versatility of its approach, its ability to produce complete texts and visual and spatial layout solutions, as well as experience in complete project management and implementation.
Amongst Createam’s foremost features and individuality is the personal responsibility each of its members takes for the quality of the work delivered and compliance with agreed deadlines. These qualities are typical of traditional family firms with no complex organizational hierarchy to hinder timeliness. In Createam we honour the principle of direct contact with personal guarantees and accountability. Where the project requires cooperation with specialists, we work with the best in their respective fields, those we can fully rely upon and vouch for.
Createam´s collaborators include outstanding photographers, illustrators, architects, text writers and graphic artists, as well as professionals in the areas of commerce, industry, science and technology.
We choose our collaborators and cooperating teams according to the nature of individual projects. External cooperation guarantees inventiveness, work “at full stretch”, and economic efficiency in the whole process.

Createam creates first-rate teams on a more permanent project basis, in which a large variety of excellent professionals are involved.
Createam does not burden projects with unnecessary overhead costs. It achieves high quality for optimum prices.
Createam´s working methods are straightforward and speedy, with no superfluous intermediaries and administrative structures.
Createam offers ideas, creative solutions, versatility, international experience and team quality, tailored to the needs of each project.
Createam´s creative solutions and implementations are wide-ranging.
Createam works for a large variety of interesting clients.
Createam = effective creative solutions in marketing communications.

Humanitarian projects

Createam works pro bono for the following institutions:
Lucie Foundation
4th Internal Medicine Clinic in Prague

Since 2002, Createam has been sponsoring two children
– Mary from Africa (Kenya) and John from India